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Borehole submersible pumps installation and borehole servicing / flushing
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1) CEV and CEVD Models for High water Head (12m to 45m head)

Product description: This kind of Micro-hydro Generator is consisted of an inclined impulse turbine and a set of direct connected AC single-phase / three-phase generator. With the characteristics of small body, lightweight, simple structure, reliable operation and convenient assembly, and serving as the power source of lighting, TVs and recorders, it is most suitable for the households in mountain areas with scattered and small hydroelectric sources.


2) CEVLH Models for Low water head (1.8-4m)

Product description: CEVLH is designed for use in a wide range of locations. The most critical factor is sufficient water flow. Water flow is the amount of water that passes through the turbine at any instant, measured in liters per second(l/sec). The second important factor is head.


3) CEVMH series Medium Water Head

Product description: This tubular turbine generator unit is applicable to the low-head power station which has a head of less than 20m and the diameter of runner is less than 3m. With the merits of considerable and well-going flow, and high efficiency, this unit is perfectly suitable for developing water resources of low head and large flow in the areas of plains, hills and Coastal place


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