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Cost Effective Water Borehole drilling

The water borehole drilling is divided into 4 phase which are interconnected but can be handled one at a time
1) Hydro Geological Survey- These determine the underground water potential , what is the depth to be drilled , data of surrounding boreholes. The cost for survey is Ksh 60,000 less 20% discount for month of July – December 2018.  These services is done by Hydro Geologist Company plus transport cost.
2) Permit Application – The stage involves permit application to WRMA offices and having EIA done ( NEMA)
a) WRMA application
b) EIA – Environmental Impact assessment
c) Nema License
d) WRUA – water user association – varies depending from region to region

3) Borehole drilling the cost for drilling 100-600ft bore-hole will cost Ksh 350,000 – 1,500,000 plus Rig mobilization fee which will depend on the exact location plus well development cost
4) Borehole pump installation – average cost for borehole pump installation from @ Ksh 225,000-1,550,000 depending on depth drilled  for complete pump installation

Borehole drilling in progress.

Drilling through hard rock using down hole hammer powered by compressed air

6 inch Steel casing and screen installation

Installation of Steel heavy duty Casing and screen after drilling completion, we also do PVC casing depending with formation type and customer preferences.

Water Pump Installation on Machine drilled boreholes

For us to provide best quote please provide the following details
1) Drilled depth
2) Water rest level
3) Water pumping level
4) flow rate tested Qt
5) Water Chemistry report
6) Available power – Single or three phase

send above information to our email – sales@cephasventures.co.ke

Solar Water Pumping with the power of the sun into a better future!

The CEV  Solar Water Pumping Solution is a fully automatic system designed to provide water at affordable cost for people with limited or no access to electricity. It uses the most advanced variable speed drive to regulate the speed of a 3-phase AC motor depending upon the solar energy available from the solar panel.

How does it work ?
An arrays of solar panels generates the power and voltage required for the CEV Solar inverter to drive the motor. The solar drive converts the DC voltage input to a 3-phase AC output with variable voltage and frequency. The MPPT algorithm of solar drive extracts maximum power available from the solar panels during the day and operates the motor at variable speed based on the power input to the drive. The frequency range in which the drive operates depends upon the motor speed, hydraulic system and the power available from the solar panel. As the sunshine varies during the day, power input to the drive varies and the Solar drive generates variable V/F ratio thus controlling the speed of the motor, which in turn regulates the pump impeller speed.

• Pumping of water in for irrigation and drinking water supply in off grid areas, easy installation.
• Farmer can cultivate multiple crops through out the year in off grid areas
• Farmer can save their time spent in collecting and transporting water.
• Lower operation expense compared to diesel pumps
• Zero emission of green house gases.

1.1Kw solar pump inverter –

Requirements to convert from electric to solar pump

  • Solar Panels – 1500 watts ( @ Ksh 75 per watts)
  • Hybrid Solar Inverter – 1.1kw ( Single phase or three phase )
  • Solar Mounting frame
  • Transport and labour depending with location.

4Kw solar pump Inverter

Requirements to convert from electric to solar pump

  • Solar Panels – 4800 watts ( @Ksh 75 per watts)
  • Solar Pump inverter 4 kw three phase
  • Solar panels mounting frame
  • Transport and labour depending with location

15Kw Solar pump inverter

Requirements to convert from electric to solar pump

  • Solar Panels – 18000 watts ( @Ksh 70 per watts)
  • Solar Pump inverter 15 kw three phase
  • Solar panels mounting frame
  • Transport and labour depending with location

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